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SlothCam Free is a free ad supported version of the SlothCam WebCam Browser iOS app.

SlothCam Free is a universal iOS app
. it will run natively on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

SlothCam is a webcam browser which allows you to monitor multiple webcams using your iOS device. I designed this app to resemble the native Apple photos app, except instead of displaying static photos, the images you see are live views from cameras around the world. SlothCam comes with several default cameras built in, however the purpose of SlothCam is to add your own webcams. You can add any jpeg image URL to your SlothCam database and set a refresh rate for each camera. At this time, SlothCam does not support streaming video cameras such as flash or wmv. If you need help finding a webcam of your favorite place, email me and I’ll do my best to help you find one.

Click here to download SlothCam Free from the iTunes App Store.

SlothCam Free is basically the same as SlothCam WebCam Browser except for the following limitations.

  • In SlothCam Free, you can only add 10 webcams while in SlothCam WebCam Browser, you can add as many webcams as you want.
  • SlothCam Free displays iAds on the top portion of the screen while in the image viewer mode.
  • SlothCam Free lacks the slideshow mode found in SlothCam WebCam Browser.
  • SlothCam Free lacks the ability to save images, import, and export webcam lists.

If you like SlothCam Free and want more features, consider upgrading to the paid version, SlothCam WebCam Browser.

iPad Screenshots:
SlothCam Free Screenshot 1SlothCam Free Screenshot 2SlothCam Free Screenshot 3SlothCam Free Screenshot 4

iPhone Screenshots:
iPhone SlothCamFreeiPhone SlothCamFree2

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