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SlothCam Support

Below are some tips and tutorials about how to use SlothCam Webcam Browser for iOS. If you still need help, please contact me. For more information about SlothCam, see the main SlothCam page.

  • Swipe left or right with two fingers when viewing webcams to skip to the FIRST or LAST webcam in the list.
  • Double tap any webcam in the webcam list on the settings side of the app to jump to that webcam.

AppleTV / Airplay:
  • To use SlothCam with AppleTV, double tap the home button and slide the application tray right until you see the AirPlay icon AirplayIcon (on an iPad you only need to slide right once while on an iPhone you need to slide right twice). Click the airplay icon and select your AppleTV. This will normally mirror your screen to the AppleTV but SlothCam will detect that the TV is connected and start wirelessly sending full sized webcam images to your TV.
  • Alternatively you can simply connect the iPad to an external display using a VGA or HDMI cable and adapter and your images will be shown full screen on the display.

This video is a tutorial which shows you how to find the jpeg image URL from an HTML based webcam on the iPad an add it to SlothCam.

This video is a tutorial which shows you how to extract jpeg image URLs from some Flash based webcams.
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