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The following pages have information about the software I have written for Mac OS X and iOS.

For the latest news about my apps, check out my software development blog. You can also follow me on Twitter for the latest news about my apps..

StepTracker: A simple, elegant activity tracker/pedometer which counts the number of steps you take each day while carrying your iPhone.


SlothCam Webcam Browser: A webcam viewing application for iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch).

SlothCam Free: A free ad supported version of SlothCam Webcam Browser which allows you to view 10 custom webcams.

SlothCam Dashboard Widget: A webcam viewer dashboard widget for Mac OS X. SlothCam shows you up to date Webcam images each time you enter the Dashboard environment on your Mac.

SlothCam Migration Assistant: A Mac app that lets you migrate your settings from the dashboard version of SlothCam into the iOS app.

You can find the latest news about all of my apps by following me on Twitter.

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