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Waiting on Apple

My latest app update has been in review with Apple now for 3 days and counting. Normally apps only take hours in reviews so I’ve got no idea why mins is taking so long. Anyway, I just wanted to say sorry that the update isn’t out yet. This update will fix the bug with distance travelled, add metric units and the ability to set your stride length.

Once this version is finally approved, I have another version ready to submit which includes GameCenter support, so you can challenge your friend to a competition of who can walk the most steps in a day! It also fixes a few miscellaneous bugs that the last update didn’t catch.

By the way, if you have any feature requests, please send them my way! What would you like to see in a future version of StepTracker? Calorie counts? Integration with FitBit or other fitness tracking services? The ability to create notes for specific days? Please let me know if any of these sound like something you would like to see.
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