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StepTracker 1.9 is out!

The 1.9 update to StepTracker is now out with some cool new features! First of all, StepTracker now saves all of your step data rather than just displaying your last 7 days which are stored in the M7 chip. Along with your step data, the app is also saving your active and inactive percentages. Now when you go to export your step data, it will export all of your data in a format that can be used in other applications such as Numbers or Excel. Also, you can now add a text description to each day, so you can add comments about what you did that day (ran a marathon, walked to work, was sick in bed and did not work etc) which will show up when you export your data. StepTracker also now has a scoreboard for best average step count. I thought this would be a good scoreboard because it means you need to keep working to stay on top - you can’t just get a good steep count and then slack off.

Coming soon in the next version will be a “stopwatch” mode, where you can click a button to start recording your steps on a trip or a run or a walk and keep track of how far you go and in what time. More on that later...

Here’s a quick video demo of StepTracker 1.9!

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