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Barograph Updates

I’ve made a few updates to Barograph recently but I haven’t posted much here, so I’d like to give you a quick overview. First of all, the graphs now look much nicer, with data points being plotted in black over a blue line. The X axis is labeled with time, and the Y axis reflects the pressure units you have selected. The graph is now maintained after the app has been closed, allowing you to create large data sets.

Now for the big feature that everyone has been asking for, Barograph now supports background data acquisition using background app refresh! This means that if you choose to enable this feature, Barograph will query new data from the barometer chip approximately every 30-45 minutes (the exact timing is up to the OS) and send you optional notifications with the pressure and current trend. A badge the app icon will show the number of new data points waiting to be plotted, and when you launch the app they will be displayed along with any existing data you had saved. One problem with this is it allows for people to build up very large data sets quickly, which can overwhelm your phone over time, so please consider resetting your graph every few days or when it starts to feel sluggish. I want to implement a better plotting algorithm soon, which will fix this problem by filtering the data and allow you to display large data sets over may days/weeks/months.

One more thing - Barograph now has a notification center extension/widget, which means that you can swipe down on your screen to view the notification center and see a live pressure value there.

I have a lot more ideas in mind, and with storm season starting, I hope to implement them soon. One of the upcoming features aside from intelligent plotting that I’d like to add is sea-level corrected pressure.

Please check out the latest version of Barograph and tell me what you think.

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Click here to download the latest version of Barograph.

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