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Game Center Login Bug

There’s a bug with StepTracker 1.4 related to Game Center. If you either disable Game Center or hit cancel instead of logging in when the app first launches, it will crash every time it tires to connect to game center. I have written a fix for this but it won’t be out until Apple approves 1.5 and I can submit 1.6. Version 1.5 also kind of fixes this issue but in a less direct way. There will be an option in the Settings app to disable Game Center for StepTracker altogether. This should solve the crash issue for those experiencing it with 1.4. I have my fingers crossed that Apple might approve 1.4 sooner rather than later.

StepTracker 1.4 with Game Center support

StepTracker 1.4 is now live on the app store with Game Center leaderboards!

Leaderboards are a very exciting feature to add from the perspective of a developer because it lets you see what your users are up to. In the first 24 hours, a user named lead21 achieved the highest score of over 34,000 steps! Good job lead21! I made 20th place with 14,000 steps.

If you want to check out the new features, let your iPhone auto update the app or head to the app store and download StepTracker for free!


1.4 is in review!

Version 1.4 is in review with Apple now, so hopefully you should be able to update to the new version with GameCenter support shortly.

I also wanted to mention something here that might be the confusing some users of StepTracker. If you want to see your daily distance in km or miles, just tap on the step count number in the main screen of the app and it will adjust between number of steps and distance. That’s all you have to do.

Also coming in version 1.5 are a few bug fixes, plus the ability to disable Game Center if you don’t want to use it. It seems like Apple’s review time is about a week lately, so you can probably expect that update next week!

The 1.5 update will also address the graph issue that has been affecting users in the UK, where the dates on the X axis would sometimes overlap. Sorry about that! I didn’t even know that was an issue until somebody wrote me a bad review. It is interesting that Apple formats dates differently in different countries.

StepTracker 1.3 is out!

Finally step tracker 1.3 is in the app store! Check it out here! Now to submit version 1.4 with GameCenter support...

Waiting on Apple

My latest app update has been in review with Apple now for 3 days and counting. Normally apps only take hours in reviews so I’ve got no idea why mins is taking so long. Anyway, I just wanted to say sorry that the update isn’t out yet. This update will fix the bug with distance travelled, add metric units and the ability to set your stride length.

Once this version is finally approved, I have another version ready to submit which includes GameCenter support, so you can challenge your friend to a competition of who can walk the most steps in a day! It also fixes a few miscellaneous bugs that the last update didn’t catch.

By the way, if you have any feature requests, please send them my way! What would you like to see in a future version of StepTracker? Calorie counts? Integration with FitBit or other fitness tracking services? The ability to create notes for specific days? Please let me know if any of these sound like something you would like to see.
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