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1.4 is in review!

Version 1.4 is in review with Apple now, so hopefully you should be able to update to the new version with GameCenter support shortly.

I also wanted to mention something here that might be the confusing some users of StepTracker. If you want to see your daily distance in km or miles, just tap on the step count number in the main screen of the app and it will adjust between number of steps and distance. That’s all you have to do.

Also coming in version 1.5 are a few bug fixes, plus the ability to disable Game Center if you don’t want to use it. It seems like Apple’s review time is about a week lately, so you can probably expect that update next week!

The 1.5 update will also address the graph issue that has been affecting users in the UK, where the dates on the X axis would sometimes overlap. Sorry about that! I didn’t even know that was an issue until somebody wrote me a bad review. It is interesting that Apple formats dates differently in different countries.
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